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Full-color brochure and return postcard for Protype Computer Graphics

Media Type:
Print Brochure with return postcard

Concept and Production:
This was our Protype's promotional piece announcing the new design department; the company had been in business for many years as a type house. I was hired to do design work on the Mac. I wore many hats; met with clients, sold business, designed the work and went on press checks.

Protype Computer Graphics

During the design of this piece I enjoyed doing the illustration of the giraffe on the cover; I made my own paper and used light watercolor. (The owner of the business was known for his collection of giraffes). The research of the "history of printing" was fascinating. It got pretty busy...I remember every couple days Jim Price, the owner, would come into my office and say "take two more examples off that timeline, it's getting too cluttered!" (Thanks Jim.)