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mad scientistSPRAYTEX Inc., is the inventor of aerosol wall and ceiling texture repair. The company remains the leader in this industry because they are always in the process of developing new and innovative products for solving repair problems for the home owner as well as the contractor.

The company was founded in 1989 by John R. Woods, owner of a leading plastering business.Realizing there was a problem of matching minor repair patches to theexisting texture on walls and ceilings, Mr. Woods began researching anddeveloping the technology to put the drywall and ceiling textures in anaerosol can.

After four years of research and development, he patented and sold thefirst drywall and ceiling texture product packaged in an aerosol can.SPRAYTEX Orangepeel splatter texture was the first product. This was soonfollow by SPRAYTEX Heavy Splatter Knockdown texture repair and SPRAYTEXAcoustic Popcorn Ceiling texture. He then introduced SPRAYTEX 20ozContractor Size Orangepeel Splatter and 16oz Contractor Size Heavy SplatterKnockdown products. He has recently introduced the SPRAYTEX Pro Packs forthe contractor trade.